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Zara Stepanyan

March 4, 2021
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From the Peace Corps to PenFed, our colleague Zara Stepanyan can succeed at anything. She left her home in Armenia by herself, and is now building a new life in the U.S. with her husband, daughter, and 2 dogs. Here’s a look at the challenges she faced when moving to America.

I speak five different languages.
I speak English: Hello,
Armenian: Barev DZez,
Russian: Zdravstvuyte,
Spanish: Hola,
and Dutch: Hallo.
I love to travel
and learn about different cultures
and different histories,
and the best way for me to accomplish
has been through learning different languages.
In Armenia, I used to work
as a language and cross-cultural facilitator
for Peace Corps.
I moved to the United States,
from Armenia to pursue my American dream.
I started at PenFed as a Member Service Representative
in 2009 and have worked my way up
through nine different positions,
and I'm currently a Compliance Officer.
I also had a full-time job
at an elementary school,
as a English as a second language,
educational paraprofessional.
The biggest challenge of moving to the United States
was learning how to drive,
how to start a new life without my family
and my friends in Armenia,
as well as learning about banking laws
and rules and regulations.
Embarking on a new career
that was challenging,
felt very risky,
but also very exciting and empowering.

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