Paul Velky Sr, despite it all, he is still going strong at age 96.
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WWII Veteran: Paul Velky Sr

August 13, 2021
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PenFed Member and WWII Veteran, Paul Velky Sr. was just 18 years old when he was drafted into the Navy. Despite all he has been through, he is still going strong at age 96. His words offer a first-hand account of our military history.

Okinawa was the worst that I had, well, I would ever experience throughout my entire life, and that’s 96 years.

The day that I was hired to go into the coal mines, I went to the post office. I discovered a letter, and it was from, my greetings
from the president. I didn’t know anything about any of the services.

I was stationed onboard the USS Rall, 1943 to approximately the end of 1945. When we were hit by the Japanese kamikaze, we were taking on water. We had to take care of the dead, had to take care of the wounded. And we lost 21 killed. And most of them were average age of about 19.

And you lived with them day in and day out, so you knew them like brothers. As time passed, why you had a tendency to forget it for a long time. And then eventually if you’re talking about it, then it really comes back. We just had a difficult time.

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