Making Health a Priority: Fit Equals Focus
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Fit Equals Focus

July 6, 2021
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For Winston Wilkinson, President of PenFed Mortgage, fit equals focus. He realized years ago the connection between successful people and personal fitness. Today, he makes his health a priority and mentors PenFed team members to do the same.

Personally, I have
to work out every day.
It's something I enjoy doing.
So, fitness is my reward
at the end of the day.
It's time I get the focus on me
and my personal goals.
I'm Winston Wilkinson,
President of PenFed Mortgage.
I think I lost my balance
in my early forties, and was focused
too much on career
and too much on the material
things that you associate with success.
I wasn't exercising
and got kind of sick and run down.
I was probably 30 pounds heavier,
and tired at the end of the day.
I associated success
with gluttony versus
the smarter people
I became acquainted with associated
with success with taking care of yourself
and your fitness.
It kind of changed my focus,
if I'm not healthy,
I can't take care of my family
or the people that count on me every day.
Our dogs have always been our children.
So, the dog that we have
currently is Luther.
Luther's my best friend.
He is always the first to greet me.
And when I go to bed, he's
always the last one to say good night.
I've always wanted to be
the person Luther thinks I am.
He thinks I'm pretty special.
I know I'm not that special,
but I work every day to
live up to his expectations.

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