wear blue: run to remember Honors the Fallen and Gold Star Families
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wear blue: run to remember

May 24, 2021
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On any given day, and especially Memorial Day, do something different to honor the fallen heroes who fought for our freedom and made the ultimate sacrifice. Walk or run alongside their children to pay your respects. PenFed partner wear blue: run to remember has running groups across the country. You can participate no matter where you live, and it costs nothing but a few minutes of your time.

I run to remember my dad
and to teach kids that
Memorial Day isn't just a day,
it's more important than that.
I feel empowered.
I feel like my dad is running with me.
I feel like
he's right next to me
and he's just telling me to keep going,
keep going.
Standing here listening to my son
it brought tears to my eyes 'cause he's
stronger than anybody I've ever known.
He's been my rock through all these years
and it makes me so proud to see him
push himself and be strong.
I'm James Soldner.
I'm Joey's mentor. Just with Joey,
over the two years
that we've been running together,
it's just incredible,
the drive and commitment
he has every time that we come out
and run. He'll tell me how
sore is, how tired he is,
and then he'll go out
and he'll sprint a 5K. I don't have
words to express how proud I am of him.
I think it's 100% worth it
to just take maybe half an hour
or 40 minutes at most
out of your day, to run a 5K
or just one mile just to show
that you care about the people
who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
It just makes me feel like
it was worth it.
I hope he would be proud.
I think he would.

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