Viciously Loyal: Leading a Life of Purpose
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Leading a Life of Purpose

August 21, 2020
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What does service mean to YOU? For a San Antonio couple, both police officers, it’s about leading a life of purpose. Wait till you see how their company, Viciously Loyal perfectly embodies that mission.

Viciously Loyal can mean to somebody something that you’re passionate about.

When I belong to something, the Marine Corps, the police department, my family, my faith, my service, I’m just very committed to it.

We use it with each other.

We write “-V.L.” all the time at the end of our little notes to each other.

It’s a brand, it’s whatever that type of lifestyle that you want.

But right now it’s, it’s t-shirts, polos, hats, shorts and training attire.

We are both police officers in the great state of Texas.

Myself, I’ve been on for 19 years and this lovely lady has been on for 21.

As I got later in my career, I kind of lost that spark you know, of what was I doing?

But when this company started, I found it. I found it again.

The biggest thing that helped me is that first check.

It was the first check I wrote to a charity.

And it came like a wave.

Like, it felt good again to serve.

My father was 31 years in the Air Force, was retired Chief Master Sergeant.

My brother, my oldest brother, at the time, was a captain in the Air Force.

It was shown very early what service is, right?

And very simply, serving something greater than yourself.

I wanted to quickly start my law enforcement career so I went in and enlisted in the Marine Corps.

It really isn’t about you.

It’s about how you can better those around you even if it’s in your immediate family, community, country.

My late grandfather was in the Army and served on a in World War II.

My mother was a director, one of the many directors at Child Protective Services.

So I eventually followed in that same path.

And my grandmother even worked  for Child Protective Services but as a registered nurse.

You know, Daniel and Cade and Sarah have asked about, you know, that they may or may not go into law enforcement or join the military and I said, and I drive that point home all the time, nobody said to put on a uniform.

I just tell them, find some how, some way, and then serve.

Whatever you’re loyal to, that’s great.

Be passionate.

Please, go, be passionate about what you believe in.

All the way.

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