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Veteran Roasters Helps Veterans

June 30, 2020
Coffee for a Cause
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ATTENTION: Coffee drinkers! Here’s an opportunity to help those who served our country. A Chicago coffee roaster and PenFed member who employs veterans has been severely impacted by this pandemic. Overnight, the company lost more than 90 percent of its business. But YOU can make a difference!

Coffee is the vehicle in terms of…in what we do what we do.

I love working here. This is my second home. I love my job.

It’s just an easy mission to understand and the feedback has been tremendous at Hyatt.

Service has always been a really important part of my life, even following my military service, and I do this to help support my fellow veterans that may have struggled after service. I can’t wait to come come to work. And provide them an opportunity to build skills and build their self-confidence, self-esteem back in the civilian world.

This place understands me. I love being here. Working with my fellow veterans.

He was very shy, very quiet when he first came in. And now he’s sitting in front of cameras and sharing his story with you, which i think is a huge increase in terms of his comfort and his confidence and self-esteem.

I like bringing smiles to everybody’s faces. Anyone that we come in contact with as a global hospitality company has a very easy time to connect to this cause and and it literally feels like a cup of coffee that they’re drinking is a way to give back and employ and give opportunity to those who have served on our behalves.

We are mainly a coffee wholesaler, so our customers are restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices. We do a lot of corporate vending. So literally overnight when all of those things were shut down, we lost over 90 percent of our revenue.

I wear my dog tags. It reminds me of my fellow sailors that are still in. My time being in the military and, you know, proud of it.

When you buy coffee from Veteran Roasters, the more coffee we sell, and the more coffee that goes out the door has a direct impact on employing more veterans here.

Stay caffeinated.

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