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The Smiths’ Auto Loans

May 15, 2020
Trusting PenFed for Auto Loans
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The Smith family has trusted PenFed with not just one, but six auto loans! Looking for great rates on your next purchase? PenFed’s Car Buying Service could help.

I became a member back in about 1998. We were just looking for car loans and just loans in general. They always have the best rates for everything, so we just started using them and then it became every time we needed a car or anything we just that was our first place to go.

We’ve counted maybe six car loans so far. We got a car not for each child, but we went to PenFed and then as they graduated college and needed to get their own cars independently we were able to cosign with PenFed and then eventually have them take out their own loans.

The process has always been very easy, very efficient. I would say it was probably easiest process we’ve experienced.


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