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The Importance of Service Dogs

June 20, 2019 | 1:10
Raising Service Dogs

PenFed has partnered with the nation’s most successful service dog organization: Canine Companions for Independence. Our Executive Lisa Jennings is among the employees who has raised a puppy for a wounded warrior or someone else with a disability.

We have a goal to have a puppy in every major location at PenFed.

It’s time to get dressed. These dogs are not your average pets on the street. They’re not pets at all. They’re working dogs. They’re bred for service and they’re trained for service.

People at PenFed, if they’re having a bad day they come up to see Admiral and they leave happy.

He really cares about the military members and the service members and individuals who are in need of these puppies.

It’s a joy to raise a puppy but it’s even more of a joy to raise a puppy for someone else who needs them more than anything.

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