PenFed People: Steve's Dedication to Wellness and Service
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PenFed People: Steve

May 13, 2021
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From New York to California, Hong Kong, and London, our colleague Steve has lived all over the world. Wellness and service are always top of mind, which shines through in everything he does, such as taking visually impaired children rock climbing and starting a non-profit.
When I was in Hong Kong,
my managing director
asked me to go visit with the
dean at the Hong Kong
School of the Blind and see what we
can do to extend
our relationship with them.
They were like "how can you
work with our students
and give them experience of a lifetime."
And the light went off
in my head and I said, "OK,
I could probably take these visually
impaired students climbing."
And you know,
a lot of people looked at me sideways.
Like just think about it.
We went out to cliffs
in northern Hong Kong that
overlooked the South China Sea.
Set up the ropes, gave the
instructions and you
wouldn't believe how well
these kids climbed.
It's probably one of
the most unique things
I've ever done in my life.
I've traveled to every state
in the United States except for two,
and that was Alaska and Montana, and
I've been fortunate to hike
the highest peaks in every one
of those states.
It's kind of recharging, it's
it's doing things like you
work hard and you play hard.
I learned always to give back.
The nonprofit organization that
I started was called
The Wellness Coalition of San Antonio,
and we've been noted as
one of the fattest cities
in the country for many years.
I wanted
to do something to kind of offset
that and combat that. We were going to
small to midsize companies and trying to
help them start wellness programs for
their employees.
They would learn how to cook
and how to be active and take
it home to the family.
By helping just enrich someone's lives
in one way,
it has a trickling effect to many others.
It makes a difference
I think, and so that's
what fuels me every day.

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