PenFed's Spencer Kenyon Gives Back to Community and Saves Lives
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Spencer Kenyon on Giving Back

May 18, 2021
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A life full of giving back. PenFed’s Spencer Kenyon served in the Marine Corps, and now he’s serving in another way. Check out what he’s doing to help save lives.

I was in the Marine Corps for four years. I’m a military brat. My dad is actually a retired Coast Guard Captain, so, growing up I had the opportunity to live all over.

It’s really gratifying working for PenFed because of their support for the military, and not just the military, but also the communities where some of our service centers are.

I recently joined a volunteer fire fighting department in my area. Right now I’m currently a probationary member, but I’m working to gain full membership and have the opportunity to become a certified EMT with them.

It seemed like a really great opportunity to give back to the area where I live.

Giving back to the community is something that is really important to me, and it’s really gratifying whenever I have the opportunity to do it.


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