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March 16, 2021
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Need a painting? How about a photographer? Maybe a business coach? Now you can find it all in one place while supporting those who served! Spouse-ly is an online marketplace full of businesses owned by military members and their families, and anyone can shop on the website.

I was so inspired by the amount of talent
within the military and veteran community
that I knew I had to do something.
So, I wanted to bring everyone together
all onto one easy platform
for people to shop small
and make a big impact.
Being on Spouse-ly, is helpful
in growing my business.
They're helping me reach a broader audience.
Spouse-ly has helped me
because even though I have moved to Hawaii
in the middle of a pandemic,
I was still able to have a thriving business
and ship to anyone, anywhere.
I am an Air Force spouse myself,
and I know firsthand how hard
it can be living the military life
and finding a career doing something
that you truly love
that can move around with you.
Just being with other artisans,
other creative business owners,
we are all working together
to help each other be seen and known,
and Spouse-ly is the
big driving force behind that.
Spouse-ly has really built
a community of service, I believe.
Monica really helps each and every one
of her vendors to reach others
and support each other
and support the military community.
I just am so excited
about the Spouse-ly community
because it allows me to really
do something that I personally
love while following my dreams
and helping so many others too.

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