A Heartwarming Reunion - PenFed Colleague Reunites with Family
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A Heartwarming Reunion

October 7, 2020
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Our colleague Gen lived in the United States briefly as a child, then returned to her home country, Mexico. She moved back to the U.S. 2 years ago. But her family is still in Mexico due to delays in the immigration process because of COVID-19. Now, they are finally reuniting for a visit. Here’s a look at the heartwarming reunion.

I miss them so much.
I think that's my favorite part of being alive is taking care of my family.
I love them very, very much.
So right now I'm planning to go back home
and be with my kids,
and be a mom and a wife again.
We've been separated for two years.
Due to the COVID-19,
we don't know how much time
it's going to actually take for us to be together here.
I feel so excited,
and they are too, very, very excited.
Today was our first day.
They were all surprised.
They weren’t expecting me until 10 p.m.
And then my airplane arrived earlier.
So it was a very big surprise for them.
The youngest two opened the door,
and they were like, "Mom, is it you?"
She was very, very excited.
She had emotional feelings,
had some tears there.
And then I asked for the older one.
And then she was like, “Hi, Mom? Is it you? Mom!”
And then she jumped all over the place.
And from her bed, big jump, hug me.
And yeah, it was a very nice experience.
It was just remarkable
I received her with this product,
that sanitize, right here and wait for a moment,
and then we hug each other.
I feel happy.
And I try not to think
about the day when she goes back again.
So, I'm enjoying the moment,
the present moment.
I feel complete and I have a sense of belonging,
and I feel blessed.
We are united.
We are a united family.
I can't ask for anything else.
I have my family with me.

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