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Resilience and Perseverance

May 21, 2020
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We are so impressed by the stories of PenFed’s 2 Million members. Their service, their sacrifice, and their resilience. Bodybuilder Dave Reid shares his journey to inspire others.

I don't regret any moments I spent in the military. I was clearing a compound
in Afghanistan and I stepped through a doorway that was rigged with explosives
If I could go through the same doorway again I would totally do it because you
know I I did get to serve this this nation and I don't regret any minute of it.
People were like why are you so angry all the time and I found that through
fitness I was able to use that as my therapy I was able to get back in the
gym and you know put my earphones in and and just shut the world off and just
focus on myself and I became a better person from it.
I think the biggest reason why I want to help the veteran community as well as
military is because you know we have to have each other's backs.
You know everybody is a close-knit family. When you join the military you join a team.
PenFed supports our military. They just truly care and
they're very very genuine about it and I I see that and it it makes sense to me.

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