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Regina Benson, World War II Vet

September 2, 2021
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“I guess I was too young to be frightened,” that’s what Former Army Nurse Regina Benson said about her time at war. At 101 years old, she is the oldest female World War II Veteran living in Virginia. Today, on the anniversary of the start of WWII, Regina shares why she was compelled to enlist and her important message for all young women.

I served because I love my country. The freedom that we have to be able to live my life as I see fit.

Help my country first and then worry about myself, because I think that’s my duty to return to my country, what it gave to me. I’ve served in Okinawa and Japan and Hawaii during the World War II.

I took care of the wounded. All I say to the young ladies that are out there today, “Fight for your country. You owe that much to your country.”

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