CUInsight's Randy Smith Chats About the Credit Union Industry
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CUInsight’s Randy Smith

August 27, 2020 | 1:55

Randy Smith turned CUInsight into a one stop shop for everything that’s happening in the credit union industry — its leaders, community service and more.

It really wasn’t until I got into the industry that I truly understood the difference.

Most of us didn’t set out to be in credit unions. But once it sucks us in, we’re here to stay.

And I think that’s because of the people, even when I’ve talked to people about credit unions or getting into the credit union industry in the past that like the first time you go out to an event, or you meet people, they’re kind of like who are you, and the second time, they’re like, I remember you, the third time you tend to be hugging.

CUIsnight was a side hustle in the beginning. It was kind of the boom of blogging and digital media was changing.

So we happen to be, what I say, is, extremely lucky that we just decided to run with this idea pretty much at the perfect time.

The one thing about CUInsight is we try to show basically everything people in the credit union space need to know and really give it to people in quick kind of daily bits of information.

I always have said to my team for years that we need to be wherever people want to get their information.

So if you choose to get it from Twitter and I choose to get it from Facebook, or Instagram or the website or the email or the podcast.

It’s such a beautiful industry to me that like on a national basis, we’re all bound by this cooperative spirit and it’s just a blast to be a part of.

I absolutely love getting away.

It’s when I can shut down work.

I love exploring and walking around.

I happened to have the greatest partner, Jill, who loves to travel also.

I love to tell people that it is never too late.

I am a, like I preach about the importance and joys of travel.

At 35, I had been to Canada.

So, I am 45 now, so it’s been a busy 10 years going to a lot of other countries.

But I absolutely love it.

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