Ramond Carder: Finding Peace Through Music
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Ramond Carder

August 12, 2021
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An Army Veteran with a love of history and music: PenFed’s Ramond Carder says the soothing sounds of Bluegrass are what helps him overcome his PTSD. Watch as Ramond shares the huge role music has played in his family, from his grandparents to his son.

My son, he’s been, he’s been clogging and buck dancing for five years. He performs all over. He performs like, in the state fair, he performed there and the folklife festival but he loves it because it’s part of history.

When I was growing up my daddy, he would like to tell, tell us about you know the history about the family. My po-po with my grandma, my dad and all them, they would play bluegrass in the church.  Oh, it was so nice and I was like i just love, love the music. It just calms everything.

The biggest challenge I’ve ever faced was surviving Iraq for a year. A lot of times, I’ll be out in the Conex, like these middle Conexes, and the
rockets and mortars would be coming in. One time, I had the, you know, tactical gloves in the box and we started getting hit and I seen the rocket hit and the shrapnel and I started running. It was like, you know, like a trail of gloves but yeah, I mean, you just get used to it after a while.

When my son, because my wife would take him to go see the fireworks display. I knew it was coming because you know fireworks coming off and they sound like the real thing, some of them did, the fireworks displays. I’d be like freaking out and I’ll be crawling on the ground, hiding in the closets. I found, I’ll put on my headsets and I’ll just blare that bluegrass and let me block it out.

Oh and it’s just it’s just soulful music, it’s music for the soul. It just gets you, really, you know, it’s like medicine music.

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