Protecting the Protectors By Delivering Hand Sanitizer
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Protecting the Protectors

May 1, 2020
Delivering Hand Sanitizer to First Responders
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We teamed up with The Tommy Show!, Founding Spirits, & Food on the Stove to deliver hand sanitizer to DC Fire And EMS. But, they needed more. A LOT MORE! So we delivered. Huge thanks to all of our first responders! We are truly better together.

We have a great need for hand sanitizer
in order to keep us in service
and keep our hands clean.
D.C. Fire and EMS, as you know,
works around the clock in the District of Columbia
and sometimes there's a gap
in the amount of hand sanitizer they have
and what they need.
So, PenFed Credit Union supported
Founding Spirits by buying local hand sanitizer
made to CDC and FDA guidelines
and then Food on the Stove, purchased it
to get it in the hands of D.C.'s bravest.
I'm Bob over at Founding Spirits.
I can't tell you what a privilege it is
to be helping out the
local D.C. firefighters.
Getting ready to load up!
I am finally getting out of the house
and doing something really cool.
We are delivering hand sanitizer
thanks to our partners at PenFed
and Farmers and Distillers
to all the fire houses in D.C.
that of course are in desperate need of it.
So Farmers and Distillers made it,
PenFed was so generous to buy it,
and package it,
and we're just delivering it to those in need.
And it just feels great
to get the community together during these times,
and Tommy and I are really happy
that we're able to be part of this
and make a little difference here in our community.
There's a very huge demand.
because we have to use hand sanitizers
before, during and after each call.
Fun Fact: Here in D.C. there are 100 pieces
of equipment. That includes
fire trucks, ambulance, and medics.
We're gonna put a gallon of hand sanitizer
on every single piece, right here in DC.
It makes us feel a lot safer
knowing that we can wash our hands
and disinfect our hands
before and after each run.

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