Positively Woof and Larry Kay Chat About Positive Dog Training
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Positively Woof

October 1, 2020
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Dog trainer and PenFed member Larry Kay has authored award-winning books and written for shows including, the Muppets and Pink Panther. Now, he’s using his talents to train pups in a PAWSitive way and help them find their FURever home.

Hi, I’m Larry Kay and this is Spider and we’re the creators of Positively Woof.

When you welcomed me to your shelter, I saw what I see all across this country that inside each homeless dog there’s the spark of greatness.

I wrote a dog training book, and that was in the positive dog training world. And so Positively Woof seemed to be a natural outgrowth from that.

I learned to train dogs by having a dog myself. I started to enjoy going to positive training classes.

And when we give our dogs rewards it brings out their personality, it makes them want to be trained, and it connects us. It builds our bond.

Everyday, Spider and I do a video podcast on Facebook Live called Dog Hugs.

Hello, welcome to Dog Hugs. Great to have you with us.

Because who doesn’t need a good safe hug right now.

We have interviews with the best people in the dog world from across the country and some folks internationally, as well.

On dog hugs we come to you live from the laundry lounge which is just a step away from the studio.

I make videos with shelter dogs to help them get adopted.

There’s this myth that shelter dogs, homeless dogs are forever broken, but the truth is they just had some bad luck.

So I thought, “Well gosh, let’s just go into those shelters and bust these myths  that they’re broken by doing something  really outside of the box. Making films with them.”

I met my dog spider on one of my film sets.

On this particular day, the shelter brought out 12 dogs and we began to make this film and train the dogs, and he was this really rough dog who you could barely touch.

Spider was the one dog who didn’t get adopted, and I decided I was up for a big challenge. I brought Spider home forever.

And now spider knows more than 50 dog tricks.

That inside of every homeless dog is this undiscovered star. Best sparks signing off, Larry Kay and Spider


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