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PenFed is Hiring!

June 24, 2020
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PenFed is hiring! Member Service Representatives play an important role in providing outstanding customer support. We are looking for talent to join the PenFed family in Papillion, NE, Eugene, OR, and San Antonio, TX.

Apply today:

So a member service representative is really our frontline
to our members.
We are looking for people that have great communication skills
looking to be in the customer service field,
and beyond that really a people person.
We want you to have an innate passion to take care
our members and to make sure that we're really there for them
and we're resolving their issues on the first call.
The most valuable skill that I have learned as an MSR
is multitasking as well as paying attention to detail.
Being in this job it's made me very attentive
to watching members information and always just making sure
everything is correct.
So a member service representative is really
your base into PenFed.
It's a great foot in the door
to really understand what we do as a credit union,
what our members are interested in,
what they're talking about.
The most rewarding thing that you can get out of a career
like this is helping our members.
Just being able to hear the excitement in their voice
when you tell them that they're approved
for an auto loan or the relief that you provide
when you tell them that they don't have to
worry about a payment this month because
we did a skip pay for you.
The culture at PenFed specifically our service centers
is really unique in the sense that we're all here for each other.
Because it feels like a family here,
and everybody supports everyone
no matter what department you're in.

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