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Optimism in Uncertain Times

March 24, 2020
Optimism in Uncertain Times
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PenFed is honored to have several leaders with military backgrounds on our team, including Retired United States Marine Corps Brigadier General Terry Williams. His optimism is reassuring.

I've served in the United States Marine Corps for over 32 years.
I deployed to combat, to humanitarian and disaster relief efforts, here and around the world.
And in every instance, having detailed plans and a calm, deliberate execution of
those plans, have been the keys to successfully getting through those times
of uncertainty. So it's good to know that the leadership at PenFed is doing just that.
Just like my time in the Marine Corps,
PenFed leadership is executing its well-developed plans. There's a calm and
deliberate approach to ensuring members, employees, and PenFed as an institution
successfully get through this. And from what I'm seeing we'll come out stronger.
So be smart, well informed and be calm. Take care of yourselves and your families.
We'll get through this together.

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