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A Leader Full of Gratitude

May 26, 2020
Nicole LeCamp on How a Personal Challenge Changed Her Life
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PenFed leader Nicole LaCamp had hopes of leaving the financial industry. That quickly changed when she began working at PenFed 11 years ago. In this Women in Leadership segment, she discusses why she stayed and reveals a personal challenge that changed her life.

If everyone on our team is focused on being 1% better every day,
our growth together is exponential.
I had originally thought that I was going to transition out
of working in financial services.
And I ended up staying because I loved PenFed so much.
Part of that was because of our mission to serve members in the defense community.
And I think one of the things that's amazing about PenFed overall
is that we really, we want to serve our employees
so that they can better serve our members.
The biggest challenge that I ever faced,
personally, was actually my brother and I went to my dad and we did an intervention.
We actually told him that we would no longer see him.
And we would no longer have contact with him unless he did,
unless he committed to going to a rehab facility.
He was an alcoholic the entire time I was growing up,
and his behavior had become really, very destructive.
My dad chose to, to go to rehab.
He is a very active member of Alcoholics Anonymous now,
and he's actually been a mentor to other people within his AA group.
And he has 12-and-a-half years of sobriety.
I do a gratitude journal every day.
One of the things I love about it is,
is really thinking about, you know, in the morning,
setting yourself up for the things that you're grateful for,
the things that you're looking forward to.
I don't shy away from doing things that are hard.
I think actually, that that helps us grow.
And I challenge myself and my family and my team to do that.
Outside of work, I love distance running.
It allows me to invest in myself.
You know, that time that I spend running is something that I do for me.
The planning that you have to put in to run a race,
like a half marathon or a full marathon is actually very similar to working on a big project
or trying to implement something new in, in your work life.
The best advice I would give women who are working their way up into a
leadership role is to choose people around you, whether that's your friends, your partner, your family,
who will support you in everything that you want to do and support your hopes and your dreams.

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