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Monifa Caines on Life’s Purpose

June 24, 2020
Changing the Narrative
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PenFed member Monifa Caines found her life’s purpose not once but twice. First, as a military nurse, then as an entrepreneur thanks to Dog Tag Bakery’s veteran fellowship program. Queen of Spades Natural Hair Accessories empowers all to look and feel beautiful.

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I joined the military
after I was searching for something
else in my life
that I wanted to do
that would help me serve more.
And after doing some thinking,
I said, “This is what I've been looking for.”
This is the purpose
that I was looking to fulfill my soul.
And so I went ahead
and I raised my hand
and I pledged to the United States of America
that I will serve honorably.
So I found my passion
to wake up every day
and change the narrative of what's beautiful,
but my passion came from a necessity.
I felt that I had to assimilate
or look a certain way
so that I can look professional.
Or that people can look at me as
someone that is going somewhere.
And after I found out what I really wanted to do,
I realized that if I become
the CEO of my company
I will not have to assimilate anymore.
I needed some things to accent
my new beautiful ringlets
I had that were coming in.
And I couldn't find anything
in the store for my hair texture.
So I started making my own.
And, one day I said, you know,
I want to make this into a business.
So Queen of Spades Natural Hair Accessories
has vibrant,
colorful, just eye-catching designs.
I have a lot of hair wraps in different sizes
and I have them in different textures
because textures of hair come in about
eight different ways.
I always say,
your personal style starts from the top.
And for the people that want to make that choice
of having natural hair,
I am making some wonderful,
vibrant options,
so that they can say, look,
when they walk into a room,
“I have arrived. I'm here.”

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