Thirty years with PenFed: Mohammed “Mo” Koroma
PenFed Proud

Mohammed “Mo” Koroma

December 16, 2021
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Thirty-year employee Mohammed “Mo” Koroma earned a degree in IT and a Harvard Contract Law Certificate all while working full time. He shares what it took to pull this off and how PenFed helped him do it.

You got to know what you need and fight  for it. I get my degree in IT the business sector. I have my Harvard certificate.

When I get especially when I get the  contract law certificate, I can’t believe I  did. It’s dedication. PenFed enabled me to grow.

They gave me the chance to go to school, help me with the tuition and the books. I would never be able to to do it without paying for it.

My co-workers, they helped me like proofreading my schoolwork to be better. I’m blessed to have all these people. PenFed is a great place to work for.

James Schenck who is the CEO now, whenever we meet on the hallway or or I’ll go to his office, he will always greet you with a smile. Then he will really want to know are  you doing.

That’s why I’m still there for 30 years. It’s the PenFed family. I love everyone.


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