Mike Goulian: Pilot and PenFed Partner
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Aerobatic Pilot Mike Goulian

April 28, 2022
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Our PenFed members are incredibly inspiring and even world-renowned for their talents! Check out aerobatic pilot Mike Goulian, who’s teaming up with PenFed to share his passion for the sport and the family-friendly atmosphere of air shows. We promise you will be on the edge of your seat until this video is over!

You can imagine that people look at me in the sky and they wonder,
does he get sick?

The answer is no, but I get sick in a car and sick on a boat, but not in an airplane.

How fast does the plane go? Almost 275 miles an hour.

Have I ever had any close calls? No. We maintain the airplane really, really well.

And then, am I scared? And the answer is, I’m a little afraid every single time, and that’s healthy.

You want to know what you’re doing is incredibly dynamic, it’s low to the ground, and what you’re doing takes a lot of skill. So, you have to have a healthy respect for it.

My performance at an air show is just physically really hard. I can make an impression in the sky and just as importantly, on the ground.

You’re trying to express the passion and the energy that you have for your sport, and you’re trying to take that and make the audience feel the same things.

For me, I think air shows represent what is great in America, and I want those people that leave the air show to be and feel as passionate about what they just saw as I did when I was doing it.

With PenFed, my beliefs and their beliefs were so totally aligned that it became a natural partnership. PenFed represents commitment. Commitment to the community, commitment to families, a commitment to seeing the next generation become better and more financially independent than they ever thought that they could be, and also giving back, giving back to families and to the military.

And that is also what air shows are all about. Air shows are about community. They’re about giving back. They’re about inspiring the next generation.

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