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Leading by Example

July 13, 2020
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Cathyann Frank joined PenFed as part of a merger. Now, she’s building our PenFed brand in the New York/New Jersey area. Outside of work, this military spouse helps service members and their families, as she explains in this Women in Leadership segment.

I lead by influence.

A good leader really has to be a great coach.

I think one of the important things of being a coach and being on a team is not only do you need to ask a lot of the team, but you also need to give a lot of yourself to be successful.

When I think about advice that I’d give to the next generation, one of the most important things that I would say to them, is to be good to each other.

You never know what’ll happen and how you can make a difference, not only in someone’s life,

but for your community and for yourself professionally as well.

When I talk about organizations and where I’m going to spend my time and what I want to commit to out there, I look for organizations that are aligned with my values.

One of them is the National Organization for Military Families.

We’re committed to supporting military families and looking out for them politically.

It’s wonderful to hear the stories and to know that I can make a difference, not only for spouses, but for their families as well.

Outside of work, I love Broadway shows, I love walking my Goldens, and there’s nothing better than a great Saturday with the Yankees.

I’ve been a dog lover from as long as I can remember.

I just love, you know, being able to have animals in my life.

I think there’s something special about them.

When you think about balancing work life, you realize that time is precious.

And that you need to look at the  decisions that you make and invest in the things that are truly important.

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