Protecting What Matters Most: PenFed's Ken Brock
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Protecting What Matters Most

September 4, 2020 | 1:47

Resiliency is at PenFed’s core thanks to Ken Brock and his incredible team. Pandemics, natural disasters, you name it, his team jumps into action to protect what matters most – our members and employees.

My whole career started simply with the bombing of Oklahoma with Timothy McVeigh.

And it was kind of the first time that people took a step back and said, ooh, this could actually happen in the U.S.

And so it was an opportunity to kind of start building plans, procedures, processes for a large organization.

And from there, I just kind of morphed into a couple of opportunities over the last 20 years or so to build three programs from ground up.

The opportunity that PenFed is given is that our department has the ability to help the business be resilient.

Whether it be typhoons, hurricanes, blizzards, different things that could disrupt operations.

Probably the biggest hurricane that PenFed has faced so far is Hurricane Maria back in 2017.

And why it was so impactful was that it really impacted our employees.

Coordinating things like generators and things like the ability for our employees to take care of their homes if they were damaged.

And they were coming in day in and day out and serving our members and helping them get access to their money.

Resiliency really touches people and having them prepared and having a plan is really important for an organization because it really reduces the breadth and allows people to know what to do and how to do it.

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