Katie Bruckmann Inspires Others to Chase Their Dreams
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Katie Bruckmann Inspires Others

September 22, 2020
An extraordinary role model
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PenFed is bursting with pride! One of its members not only won a pageant but is an extraordinary advocate for people with disabilities. Katie Bruckmann is such an inspiring role model and we are excited to share her story.

For most of my life as a kid
I was the only disabled person in my school,
in my friend group,
really the only disabled person I knew.
I was born with Spina Bifida.
I decided to do Ms. Wheelchair D.C.
because I had students for the first time that had Spina Bifida.
They were two little girls in third grade and fifth grade.
And I wanted them to see an adult woman
who has Spina Bifida too do something
that's not only really fun and cool,
but to show them that you
can really accomplish anything
that you put your mind to.
To my shock and surprise, I won the pageant.
This summer I was supposed
to be doing a lot with Miss Wheelchair DC.
I supposed to be going to Nationals.
Now it's not till next summer.
In the meantime, I started a YouTube channel.
I'm reading books to kids.
So, I'm hoping to find really inclusive diverse books too.
So everyone feels represented.

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