Kassandra Sebastion l Running and Leadership As A Journey
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Kassandra Sebastian Leadership

July 20, 2020
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Kassandra Sebastian spends her days running the Corporate Communications team at PenFed, and outside of work she’s pounding the pavement with her pup, Noble. This Women in Leadership segment looks at how Kassandra’s running journey began, and her advice to anyone thinking about lacing up.

Everything we do is to help our members.

I stay with PenFed because we have so much good news to tell.

And we’re always striving to do more in the community. And honestly, that’s just a communicator’s dream.

Outside of work, I’m really passionate about running, it’s a big outlet, a stress reducer. It, you know, keeps me healthy.

And it’s also something I can do with my, my standard poodle Noble and something we like to do together and get out in nature.

So Noble has run a half marathon. He’s up to 13 miles.

He’s my running buddy, and we normally run five or six miles a day.

When I was 13, I started running as a weight loss journey, and I found that it’s something I’m actually pretty good at.

And I ran through high school and ended up going to college on a running scholarship.

When I transitioned from college to running afterwards, I wasn’t running competitively, but I set a new goal of wanting to run a marathon.

And hopefully this fall I’ll complete my sixth Marine Corps Marathon.

I’ve had a lot of colleagues approach me and say, you know, I don’t know if I could run a marathon, and my advice is always do it,  sign up, do the training, you can definitely finish a marathon.

It’s an investment in yourself. You’ll learn so much mental and physical strength that you can apply in your personal and your professional life.

I think running is a time where I can think about everything or think about nothing.

It makes you so much stronger, and you realize that you can really, you can do anything.

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