PenFed's John Laurel Has a Unique Hobby
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John Laurel

May 4, 2022
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May the Fourth be with you! We truly have some of the best employees, with the coolest hobbies! Meet John Laurel, a San Antonio-based Member Service Representative who spends his free time building and painting Star Wars movie props and costumes!

Since 2005, I’ve been part of the American Cancer Society’s Halloween party that we have here in San Antonio. I dressed as a clone trooper one time, and there was a little girl that ran right up to me, and she’s like, “I got you on my DVD!”

I always credit those movies for cueing my imagination, the original trilogy. I’ve been in, in and around Star Wars prop building and collecting and buying and painting and selling and assembling since probably the mid-nineties.

When I was a kid, I used to modify the toys that came out, made them look a little more movie accurate. This one, I did buy from R.S. Prop Masters out of England.

When I started in the nineties, it was, it was very, very archaic in my opinion, but now it’s grown considerably where everything looks pretty much what you see off the movie now.

This is what my weekends are kind of piled up with. They’re like, “Are you going anywhere for the weekend?” Working on this. Or doing one of these.

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