PenFed's Joe Thomas Talks About How and Why He Gives Back
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Joe Thomas on Giving Back

June 6, 2021
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“It’s not what you get, it’s always about what you give.”
Meet Joe Thomas, PenFed’s chief information officer. A self-proclaimed “conundrum” from industrial Northern England now living in the Texas Hill Country, Joe talks about his passion for rescue horses and the importance of giving back.


There's an old arabic saying that, "the winds  of heaven blows between the ears of a horse."
Joseph Thomas. I'm the chief  information officer at Penfed.
I'm a conundrum, right. So  here I am, parents from India,  
born in England with this crazy  accent, running around the Texas  
Hill Country like a cowboy. I think  I'm an international man of mystery,  
but yeah it's been quite a journey from industrial  Northern England to the Texas Hill Country.
Texas, everything's bigger in Texas.  
Right, so you just got the big sky, and to be  outdoors and enjoying, you know, enjoying the  
the fresh air and enjoying, you know, being around  all of God's creatures, you know, large and small.  
Right now on the property we have two  black labs, we have four cats, four horses.
So, why we got into rescue: Horses are amazing  animals. They've played an important part of the  
history of this country. (Got her winter coat  still.) And so, it was our way of giving back.  
Rescue horses needed opportunity, and I just feel  that's an important part of being on this planet.  
It's what you leave behind, right. It's not  what you get. It's always about what you give.
This was one of our first rescues. We called  him Buddy. He was in a pretty bad state when  
he arrived, pretty emaciated, you can  see his ribs and his hips showing out.  
Turns out he was a great grandson of Secretariat.  Didn't make it as a race horse and ended up being  
abandoned and left to starvation. And there he  is after about six months. He looks great. And  
here he is fully healthy, and this is an important  picture for us because he's actually laying down  
and horses don't lay down unless they feel safe.  I think if I'd stayed in England, you know, I  
wouldn't, I probably would have stayed in my, you  know, little comfort zone, but coming to America,  
I'm just so appreciative of of what this country  is and what opportunity it gives everybody.

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