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Leadership and Party Planning

June 15, 2020
Success Story: Leader and Party Planner
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JoAnne MacGregor is the Manager at not one, but two of our Financial Centers in Pennsylvania. She joined PenFed as part of a merger in 2017. In this Women in Leadership segment, she shares her success story and discusses why she’s so happy to be part of the PenFed Family.

I love working for PenFed.
I feel that we are all valued employees.
Our team is very much a family here.
They are each unique individuals,
and they all bring something different to the table,
unique strengths, personalities.
There’s nothing more satisfying and rewarding
than when a member of your team is now ready to take
on the next path of their own career.
The best advice that I would give any women working her way up to a leadership role
would be to not let your fear of failure prevent you from trying.
Honestly, there’s going to be good days,
and there’s going to be bad days.
The key is not to second-guess yourself.
Something unique and a hidden talent that I have,
which is also a fun hobby is planning parties.
I absolutely love to plan elaborate theme parties,
from Christmas in July with Santa
and his elves riding in on a big red pickup truck,
We also did an Edgar Allan Poe themed Halloween party.
And all of the food was named after some of Poe’s stories.
I love to entertain. I love to see people happy.
And throwing a party, for me, is just the best way to do that.

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