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J.D. Walker’s Journey

December 23, 2021
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Go behind the scense on the Wreaths Across America convoy with trucker J.D. Walker. He shares the deeply personal reason that drives him to carry veterans’ wreaths from Maine to Arlington National Cemetery year after year. If YOU appreciate all that truckers do to help distribute nearly 2 million wreaths nationwide, please WATCH and SHARE J.D.’s story.

What’s most important to every single one of these families that they don’t want their loved ones forgotten.

This is something tangible that they can take this wreath in their hands and place it.

The magic of what we do from stem to stone is how we gather all that people have to offer. One set of hands that picked a brush. And then it was one set of hands that made the wreath. And then it was one set of hands
and put on the bow.

And how it went from one set of hands to another. And it just connected so many people, and it would be one set of hands that finally got to the place where it laid the wreath.

We could not do what we do without the trucks and without the trucking industry.

I take wreaths down to Arlington National Cemetery once a year and, go down there and place wreaths and honor, remember and teach. There’s a lot of personal reasons from me and stuff, the reason why I do what I do. My truck represents all the unsung heroes. I want to sit there and say the the main reason why I do this is because I have a son that has served, and I lost him.

And I lost him, May 14th, 2007. And that was on a Mother’s Day. And it it hurt, it really did, it hurt me tremendously. After I lost him and stuff, I stayed bottled up. I just wanted to be left alone, and I stayed bottled up for about ten years. And then when I finally got to Wreaths Across America and started meeting people like Karen and Morrill and all the Gold Star family members, it means the world to me, you know, because it helps me, it helps me get through the day.

The most humbling part that there is, is to being able to carry a load of wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery. To go to Arlington, and you see the thousands of people that come to attend this. You’ve got families going by themselves with a couple of children and a mother and father, and they have one wreath and they’re trying to teach their kids.

You know, you got to pinch yourself, really. This has come from what it started with to what it is today.

I think about my son every, every time I come up here. Hey Jeff, I love you, and I miss you. But look at these. Look what we did. We completed a mission. And it’s all for the sacrifice that you gave me and your family.

I love you, boy.


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