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Grill Your Ass Off: Supporting Veterans

June 4, 2020
Bringing People Together with Food
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You never know what our PenFed members are cooking up! No doubt about it – good food brings people together. What began as a simple seasoning company has evolved into much more. Grill Your Ass Off was nominated for the Veteran-Owned Small Business Award at a gala hosted by American Freedom Fund.

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First one is mango habanero. Our mission with Grill Your Ass Off is to be able to
continue to grow a brand that veterans are going to want to get behind.
As soon as someone starts cooking it doesn't matter your political backgrounds your
religion, color. Everyone comes together for good food.
I met Jason and he just kicked it off right away and here we are today.
Once I started for fulfilling products I just grew a love for it and grew passionate about it.
So the idea behind a lot of the flavors and the designs of actual seasonings started whenever I was in the military.
So we currently have nine different seasonings two different dips three different sauces six
different flavors of beef jerky and all the apparel and utensils you could ever want.
We give back a ton of product to not only soldiers deployed overseas but
we give back by giving away through silent auctions, doing random donations
to nonprofits every quarter. One of the problems that veterans seem to run into
every now and then is that sense of purpose and Jason just has given me
a sense of purpose he's giving me something to look forward to every day
something to be a part of. Without it honestly I don't know where I'd be today
So by being able to bring on other veterans and our first responder it's
been able to give them that form of community and communication every day
like it's being back in the military being back at the station. You have a
brother next to you every day.

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