Geralynn Cada: Animal Trainer and PenFed Member
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Geralynn Cada

October 27, 2020
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PenFed member and animal trainer Geralynn Cada, was raised on a farm in Nebraska. That’s when she decided she wanted to help animals. She has even trained for celebrities like Siegfried and Roy and MLB All-Star Frank Thomas. Geralynn shares a few tips to help pets and their owners.

Hi, I’m Geralynn Cada. I’m an award-winning dog trainer and pet product developer.

I’ve been in the pet industry for over 40 years, and it’s no secret now, I love pets.

I did do a lot of in home, what I call board and train where they would actually live with me for between 10 days and six months.

And then I had a physical location in Las Vegas for a long time. If we train them properly, positively, and give them a job with that training, then it actually helps lengthen the pet’s life, but it also helps, it helps make them more fun.

But also know in advance that pets don’t, you can’t really take a vacation from your pet unless you hire someone to come in and take care of them. It’s an everyday responsibility.

I have a bachelor’s in design from the Kansas City Art Institute, and my second degree is in biochemistry from Northeastern State University.

I kind of felt like that was the perfect way to be able to be a really effective pet product designer.

The cat space was really boring, and we wanted to jazz that up.

So, we went searching for a company to partner with. I happened upon this amazing founder of Meowijuana. His name is Chris. He’s very brave.

There is no THC, CBD, or marijuana in our products. It is literally just catnip, and other herbs that are grown right next to different herbs that are grown for humans. So, it’s all organic.

All of our goals are to help our pets live their best life.

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