PenFed People: Erica Rinehart
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PenFed People: Erica Rinehart

December 2, 2021
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Erica Rinehart has been with PenFed for more than two decades, making her way up the ranks through eight different positions. In this Women in Leadership segment, listen to why she stays and her advice to other women in the workforce.

I have been with PenFed for 24 years. It has been an excellent place for me to work both personally and professionally.

It always comes down to the member, that’s our core every day.

My favorite thing is the energy and the positivity. All of the opportunities that I’ve been given
here for growth and advancement has really allowed me to succeed.

My advice really is to find the women leaders around you. At PenFed, we have amazing women leadership,
and there is always someone that you can look at and learn from and watch their behaviors, how they communicate, how they project confidence, and try to emulate that within yourself.

Through those 24 years, I’ve really, you know, kind of grown up with PenFed. I’ve been married. I’ve had two daughters here. I’ve also lost both of my parents. And so, through all of that, whether it’s good times or challenges, my colleagues or my senior leadership, they’ve just really been here for support.

Everyone is very caring and compassionate. It’s really a teamwork atmosphere and a very big family atmosphere as well.

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