Gelin Shelley's Empowers Others to Be Their Best
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Gelin Shelley Empowering Others

July 27, 2020
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Gelin Shelley came to America by herself at the age of 18. She went to college, while working several part-time jobs to make ends meet, and eventually landed a management position with PenFed. We look at her tribulations and triumphs in this Women in Leadership segment.

I empower my team members
to be the best version of themselves
I like motivating them.
I really love helping my team members in terms of their career development.
And I like helping my members
in terms of taking care of their financials with PenFed.
My biggest challenge was moving
from the Philippines to the United States.
And only had $15 in my pocket,
and trying to stay above water,
is the most challenging thing an 18-year-old could ever have to endure.
So I just took that opportunity as this is my opportunity
to learn from people,
to really open my eyes to new opportunities, new adventures in life.
Having to be able to overcome
that is such a great,
great success for me personally.
Outside of work, I like to play piano and sing.
And I can memorize a piano piece up to 20 pages.
I’m at peace when I play the piano.
I like reading books, motivational books.
And if I get a chance to be able to do community service,
ya know, I do that.
Any animal shelter place, PAWS, Alaqua, adoption centers,
if they need volunteers,
or holding an event for adoption day, I participate in those.
I feel like I motivate everybody who’s around me.
My advice to not lose sight of the bigger, better things.
Always rise above those challenges.
Always keep your determination and focus to the bigger picture.

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