How to Land Your Dream Job: PenFed VP Shares Tips
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How to Land Your Dream Job

May 11, 2021
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Do you want to land your dream job? PenFed’s Vice President of Talent Acquisition shares what you need to do to stand out while applying for positions and what you can do afterwards that may increase your chance of getting hired.

Start by researching the company. Learn everything you can about the company and their culture before you apply.

Only apply to roles for which you are qualified.

Customize your resume for each position.

Make sure your resume is easy to follow and well organized with your most recent experience first.

Include your experience and accomplishments with measurable results and use bullets to keep it concise.

After you finished applying, see if the company has talent communities.

PenFed and many employers have job based talent networks that you can join.

Also sign up for job alerts so you will be notified early about future openings.

Good luck.


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