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Dramatic Home Renovations

May 15, 2020
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You won’t believe these before and after pictures! The dramatic home renovations took place after Nathan Jacroux secured not just one, but TWO home equity lines of credit from PenFed!

I’m Nathan Jacroux and I’m a PenFed member.
I was looking for a home equity line of credit, and I did a lot of online research
and PenFed popped up and it had the best rates in my area so that's the company I went with.
Not just once but actually twice.
I got a home equity line of credit to actually do some
construction and home improvement on my residence.
It was quick both times.
I've had a really great experience with PenFed, and I'm happy to tell other people when they ask me
where I got my home equity line of credit
that I'm a happy member and that they should look into
PenFed as well.

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