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Dianne Plutino Gold Star Mother

December 17, 2020
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Sgt Alessandro L. Plutino was determined to serve his country after 9/11. His mom Dianne talks about the importance of teaching younger generations to continue honoring and remembering those who gave their lives in service.

Every star has a story. That was our motto a couple years ago. I said this to somebody when I  spoke about Wreaths Across America a couple years ago, and I said I really think they saved me.

Sometimes I cry when I think about this, but losing Sandrino was really hard  and you’re just lost. You know, your world as a mom as you know, it is gone.

When you go up there the people in Maine are so amazing. They’re very patriotic.

The flag is important and it’s very important to me. My son loved that flag. And every single veteran that wore the uniforms of whatever group that they were in deserves to be recognized and thanked for their service to this country.

This teaching part is the big part. Get the young people, teach them about the country, teach them about the people who serve the country, and how to honor them.

And if going out in the cold weather and putting a wreath on the grave, it’s the least we can do to honor them


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