PenFed Member: Denise Sherin
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PenFed Member: Denise Sherin

December 9, 2021
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As a former financial professional, Denise Sherin knows all about member service. She shares why she loves coming to PenFed’s East Stroudsburg, PA Financial Center.

Service to me is everything. I’m not just a number.

When I walk in the door, I feel so welcomed. I feel like I’m coming home. This is like family to me.

I have my credit cards here. I have a checking account. I have a savings account here and my car loan.

It just was like, you know, one-stop shopping for me. I truly appreciate coming into the credit union and receiving, you know, the pleasant smiles, the professionalism.

I worked in the financial industry for quite some time. And that was a service that I was used to giving.

So, it feels really great to get that back. And I’ve never left here that I was not happy. I’m very happy when I come here.


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