Cyndi Tuttle's Special Skill Helps Connect with Members
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Cyndi Tuttle’s Special Skill

September 8, 2020
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Cyndi Tuttle began her career with PenFed in Georgia before moving across the country to lead our team in Clovis, NM. As a military spouse, she’s no stranger to big moves. This Women in Leadership segment focuses on Cyndi and her unique skill that allows her to go the extra mile to serve members.

Here we are people helping people. My name is Cyndi Tuttle

I know a little bit of sign language. One thing that I am proud of is being able to use that little bit of sign language and to assist our members who are hearing impaired.

I have a servant leadership style.

I truly believe that if we empower our team members, it’ll unlock their creativity, their potential and give them the sense of purpose.

Working for an organization that provides back to our service members means the world to me.

I look at it in my sense of being able to give back to our service members.

The biggest challenge I’d ever faced was on February 3rd, 2015 when I was employed with another credit union.

That day I was assisting members on the teller line when a man entered the financial center, and I immediately had this feeling that something was not quite right.

The man approached my teller station, brandished a gun and announced the robbery.

I lived in fear for some time after.

It changed me in to the person that I did not want to be.

But I was able to overcome all of the fear and take back who I was.

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