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Finding Comfort in Comedy

June 10, 2020
Laughter Saved His Life
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Crushed by depression and seeking solace in drugs and alcohol, retired U.S. Marine Corps Captain Joe Gagliardi found comfort in comedy. Here’s how laughter saved his life.

The pain of being alive whether it's mentally, physically, emotionally, or whatever
it is, become so substantial that the death almost becomes like a peaceful option.
I remember on more than one occasion
having pills and having booze and thinking of myself this this could be
this could be the moment.
Comedy saved my life.
I look at pictures of myself
from back when I was in the Marine Corps
and I'm like, "Damn dude, you were hot!"
[From crowd] You still are hot Joe!
I never would have thought that
this would have been the solution but it was it was comedy ultimately. It was
being able to, there's something about being vulnerable onstage telling jokes
or making light of the world that is therapeutic beyond anything I've ever,
I'd ever really thought of.
Quite a hair-raising week last week.
That's ironic for a bald guy to say.
Suicide is ultimately it's an end. It's not it's not
the answer and every survivor has the potential to help someone else that's
struggling. You've got to talk to somebody and you got to seek help and that's okay.
And it doesn't make you weak. Don't hesitate don't talk yourself out of it
you can get help there are resources out there reach out.

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