PenFed People: Cobie Harrell's Passion for Dance
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Cobie Harrell

June 17, 2021
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PenFed’s Cobie Harrell dances to the beat of her own drum, quite literally. The Army Reservist, Military Spouse and Assistant Manager is also a Dance Fitness Instructor! Here’s a look at why she is so passionate about it.

Once the music starts, it’s all about the energy.

You forget everything. All you hear is the music and everything just, that excitement just builds up in you, and you just want to dance.

You forget that you’re exercising because you spend so much time feeling music.

I’ve been instructing now for almost eight and a half years and loving every moment of it.

Helping others to start into this particular fitness journey, it feels amazing.

To see how others are able to grow and prosper and move on, and I guess build their own, it kind of touches you close to your heart, because you’re like, “Hey, I had a part in that.”

I’m actually instructing four to five times a week. PenFed has been amazing with the work-life balance as far as me working with the soldiers or the civilians and being able to teach classes to both outside of the natural workday.

It actually gives me a lot more energy because this is the time that you can decompress from work, you’re able to just, burn off that crazy.

And then you’re able to settle down at night, go home, get rest, do what you need to do, start off the next day and here you are happy for work.

Ultimately, you know in your heart, you’re healthy. You’re able to move around, you’re able to go for an hour, you’re able to go for 30 minutes, hey, you’re able to go for 15 minutes, but you’re able to still go.

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