Clayborn Williams: Persistence and Perseverance Pays Off
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Clayborn Williams

July 28, 2021
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PenFed teammate Clayborn Williams has dealt with a lot of uncertainty in his life. But with every setback, he persevered. Now, there is one thing for certain, his passion for financial literacy and knack for real estate are paving the way to a bright future for our young colleague!

I dealt with a lot of emotions. I was angry. I was frustrated and I was embarrassed by my situation.

I looked around, and I saw a lot of kids who had things that I felt like I might have deserved or that I should have been able to experience as well.

But in my situation, those things just didn’t exist. I just had to focus on survival.

I was raised primarily by my mother. We struggled a lot, moving from shelter to shelter and staying with different family members.

At one point, we ended up staying in a car at a point outside of a local grocery store, and we had to turn the car on every 15 minutes to stay warm.

But she did the best she could to provide and keep us safe in those situations.

And yeah, I was frustrated a lot with my current situation.

So, the only thing that I had to look forward to was my future. I made it my business to focus on my education and get to college so that I can make a better life for myself and obviously my family.

After graduation, I knew I wanted to move to DFW area. I had secured an interview with PenFed and I packed up my car and just took a leap of faith to go down there for the interview.

I feel like there was so many people that I knew that didn’t make it as far as I did, but they came from the exact same background that I did.

I am really passionate about financial literacy. I take it very seriously because I feel like, you know, people who come from communities like me don’t have access to certain information.

Hope to eventually make a positive effect on my community in a way to where those kids that grew up the way that I did, don’t have to make the wrong decisions. I can help guide them towards the right ones.

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