PenFed Member Art Chantker Talks About His Auto Loan Experience
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PenFed Member Art Chantker

November 8, 2021
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It’s full speed ahead for longtime PenFed member Art Chantker, who recently purchased a new car. Here’s a look at how we helped him get the best auto loan in just minutes.

I’ve been a PenFed member for over 40 years. The folks are very, very helpful, they’re friendly, they’re courteous,
and they really want to help you.

The customer service at PenFed could not have been better, nor could it have been easier for me to arrange for the loan.

So, I did some research on the Internet and found the exact car that I wanted, this car. And I found that PenFed had absolutely the best rates available to me.

When I spoke with the PenFed representative and I gave him the information and he said, “just a minute.”

About 15 seconds later, he came back and said my loan was approved. And it was so, so easy because it was all done over the phone.

I’m very excited because it has a lot of the safety features that I was looking for, and it’s easy to drive, and it’s a car which I will have for many, many years.

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