Annette Kalinowski Is a Leader Who Loves an Adventure
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Annette Kalinowski

September 17, 2020
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From long-time member to employee, Annette Kalinowski’s relationship with PenFed runs deep. At work, she helps lead the auto team. But in her free time, she’s quite the risk-taker. Annette shows us her adventurous side in this Women in Leadership segment.

If something doesn't go right,
you just find another route.
What drew me to working with
PenFed was the way they treated me as a member for so many years.
Even though PenFed is a very large institution, members are still treated individually.
Employees are still treated as individuals.
I like watching others grow and mentoring individuals to achieve their goals.
Outside of work, I love to bake.
One of the things I really enjoy is making chocolate,
I actually have a industrial-size chocolate maker.
I guess that's one of my biggest hobbies.
I also love adventures. I will try anything.
I've even done a tandem jump
one time with the parachuters out at Fort Campbell.
That was a lot of fun.
There isn't much that if somebody asked me to try something new,
I would be pretty willing.
I'm pretty spontaneous about things like that.
The best advice I could give is
not only to trust your own instincts,
but to work hard, trust others.
Be open-minded, and never doubt yourself.

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