Amore Congelato: Frozen Love
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Amore Congelato: Frozen Love

October 14, 2020
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In the mood for something sweet? During Thereasa Black’s fourth deployment she made a promise to herself that she would never leave her daughter again. Her company, Amore Congelato was born out of that promise and serves some of the most nutritious, tastiest, gelato on the market.

Leaving my daughter
was the hardest thing
I’ve ever done in my entire life.
While I was active duty in the Navy
I did three deployments.
And I did my fourth deployment
when I was in the Reserves.
I’m a single Mom,
so I had to move her to a whole new state.
When I left,
my Mom told me that she would walk around
the house looking for me,
just calling out for me.
She would just sit around and cry.
It was just tough and
I knew I couldn’t do it again,
I knew it immediately.
But as far as what I was going to do afterwards,
I wasn’t sure.
My heart, I felt like it was
frozen while I was on deployment.
So, Amore Congelato means frozen love.
I decided on gelato mainly because,
well one my daughter fell in love with it,
but I could also combine my love of baking into,
and combine it with this new love of my daughters.
So, it was us coming together.
Knowing every single day
that it doesn’t matter how tired I am,
it doesn’t matter how much work I’m doing,
doesn’t matter how much sleep I’m getting,
I get to see my daughter every day.

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