Alpha Coffee Donates Awesome Coffee to Troops
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Alpha Coffee

February 8, 2021
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An idea that started in a basement in Utah has brewed into a bustling business. Army Veteran and PenFed member LTC (Ret.) Carl Churchill started Alpha Coffee with his wife Lori as a way to continue serving.

Alpha Coffee gives back to organizations helping veterans, like the PenFed Foundation. Take a look at how Alpha Coffee helps our troops.

Alpha Coffee's mission is pretty  simple. It's four bullet points.  
It's awesome coffee, be a warrior, have  fun, and give back. What I like most  
about working at Alpha Coffee is really just  feeling like part of a team where everybody  
matters, and everybody's there to help each  other. And just from the second of walking  
in through the front doors, you could just  tell that it had a military vibe and culture,  
and I've just loved it ever since. When I was in  the military, I deployed multiple times and always  
drank crappy coffee. So, when we started Alpha,  we were on a mission to change that. We wanted to  
send amazing coffee to troops deployed downrange.  One of the best things that we get is the emails  
and the pictures from troops that are deployed  that have gotten our donations. Lori and I are  
super proud of this family-owned business  and what we've been able to do to give back  
to veterans and their families, particularly the  charities that help veterans suffering from PTSD.  
It's a really cool feeling being a service member  that is working for a company that does a lot for  
service members because I know if I were overseas  right now, I would love to have a little piece of  
home. And the fact that we can give that to those  guys and gals overseas is just freaking awesome.

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