It's All About the People: Derrick Harris Explains PenFed Company Culture
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It’s All About the People

August 11, 2020
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PenFed’s branches span six time zones around the world and Derrick Harris manages them all. His calm demeanor, kindness, and compassion shine through as he shares why he loves being a part of the PenFed family.

What drew me to the organization was people. The people that work here.

I get the privilege of managing 48 financial centers globally.

From Pacific Rim in Guam, to Eastern Shores and the Atlantic Ocean of Puerto Rico.

The favorite part for me is, spending time with each teammate.  To talk to them. Not just about the business part of it, but find out more about them as people.

How are their families are doing, what’s new for them.

Those things for me are priceless.

There’s different challenges you know in different areas.

Pandemics, natural disasters they’re impactful, they impact people.

In a lot of different ways, and when you have 300 teammates, it’s going to affect 300 individuals differently.

I found it very refreshing here at PenFed where the actions speak louder than just dollars given.

One of my favorites here is at the Ft. Hood Financial Center in Texas.

And I make it a point to, as I schedule out my calendar to be a part of their Thanksgiving that they give out to soldiers.

The environment of family, that permeates throughout the organization.

It’s not just people say it, you can feel it no matter where you go.

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