PenFed's Alicia Nealon: Discovering a New Passion
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Discovering a New Passion

August 19, 2020
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PenFed’s Alicia Nealon entered the credit union industry right after law school about a decade ago. In this Women in Leadership Segment, she reveals why she stays and shows us the unique passion she developed during the Coronavirus quarantine.

Everything we do is through a member lens.

You’re never gonna be in a meeting, or on a conference call, or in the hallways without hearing,

“Well, how’s this going to impact our members? How’s this going to help our members?”

We are trying to bring the best of financial services to American consumers through the credit union movement.

My leadership style is situational and collaborative.

Every circumstance, every employee sometimes needs a different approach.

The best advice I can give women who are working their way up into a leadership role is to get a mentor and be a mentor.

Getting a mentor will help you find the right challenges to seek out.

Conversely, being a mentor, will really teach you the value of listening, and compassion and trust, all vital skills for any leader.

So pre-quarantine, I was really into yoga and solidcore, basically group fitness classes.

Post-quarantine, I’ve had to get a little more creative. I got a peloton.

I also love, I have a dog.

I’m a dog mom, a very, very proud dog mom.

My dog’s name is Wrigley.

My husband’s from Chicago, and is an avid Cubs fan.

I do have some hidden passions.

During quarantine, I’ve really developed a passion for floral arrangements.

I told my husband if we’re going to be home,

I want to make our house look as beautiful as possible.

And I just love it.

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